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Committed to Spiritual Enlightenment

Touching Lives Street Ministry began in 2006 and beyond. The reason that I say this is because, like all of us” God was working on me even before I came to the realization of that fact. As a young boy growing up I had what was then thought to be a normal life to us (black families). We were a tight nit family, therefore no one really lacked for anything; and if there was a need my mother and grandmother would do what they could to get everyone together and help one another.
This is why I said earlier that God was working on me before I realized it. The foundation was laid early in my life, when I was a small boy. I was being taught to be a blessing to my sisters and brother’s that were in need of assistance. My mother was one of the best teacher’s that I could have ever hoped to have. She taught me many things about life but one of the lessons of life that I learned was perseverance. She reminded me that no matter what the issues are in your life keep right on pressing forward for the prize. (Philippians 3:14 - I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
This lesson led me to my next and most important lesson for the rest of my life and that is, Jesus is the only way out! I heard a message preached saying there is another way out. That other way out is not of this world, but it is of God. It is Jesus!
My grandmother took me into her house hold; she adopted me as one of her own. When I look back I see a sacrifice that was made to better the rest of the family by my mother. This sacrifice hurt her deeply; because she had to give up her first born to help the rest of the family. I wonder can you see the foundation that was laid in the beginning. This move would be part of the greatest move of my life, because I gave my life to the lord and begin to learn about Christ.
Once I grew into a young man I left the teachings of God, but how many know that the teachings of God did not leave me. I joined the Army and thought that I was a man; I begin to drink all kinds of alcohol and tried all types of drugs. Whatever country that I entered; I used their drugs and drank their alcohol. I know today that I was running from pain and hurt from the earlier years of my life. As i continued on my journey I found that I had some serious problems. I was now in and out of prison, on the run from the law, and I had a mountain of unpaid tickets and court cost. I wanted to get some help but most thought that I simply wanted to hide from the dope boys, or it was just another game that I was playing. However there was one that heard my cry and he knew that it was a sincere cry for help, that one was and is Jesus.
I was led to the Teen challenge program, I joined this ministry and the first thing that we did when I arrived was begin to pray, praise and give God the glory. Every day it was the same thing over and over, and on Wednesday, Sunday we would be in a church service somewhere giving God praise, worship and glory. I really didn’t like the place while I was there, but now I find that I’m not able to stop doing the works of God. This is my point; I first had to become a willing vessel through brokenness and after I allowed myself to become broken I then needed to become obedient and trust God, the rest is history. That’s the reason that we come together several times a year to be a blessing in the community. Touching Lives want you to know that whatever your situation is, if it’s too big for you to handle!!
There’s another Way Out!! Jesus is the Way!!!


How we came about, what we do and what we stand for.


Touching Lives Street Ministry will provide food, clothing, the word of God and more to the homeless, addicts and all those that are in need. Our ministry will help others know God The corporation is organized as a nonprofit organization and is not organized for the private gain of any person or persons and shall be operated for the following purpose:
a. Exclusively for (religious/charitable/educational) literary purposed or other specific exempt purpose within the meaning of 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986(as amended) or the corresponding provision of future United States internal revenue law, including such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations which are recognized as exempt from tax under such 501(c) (3)
b. Specific Purposes

The specific purposed of the Corporation include, without limitation, the following:

(1) To provide shelter for men with drug or alcohol addiction who have recently completed a detoxification program

(2) To support the recovery, health, faith and independence of men and women who have a history of substance abuse, incarceration and homelessness
(3) To provide men and women dealing with substance abuse an opportunity to participate and learn job skills, living skill and a chance to further their education
(4) To provide food and clothing to the poor and homeless at large


After two decades of heavy drug and alcohol use, multiple encounters with the law for committing illegal violations due to sustained substance abuse as well as suicide attempt. Calvin C Gilmore sought refuge for 4 months in Syracuse, NY in the Teen Challenge Treatment/program and subsequently, 8 months at the God’s Mountain Training Center in Rehrersburg, PA.
After successfully completing his recovery process, Calvin was the recipient of God’s grace and delivered from drug addiction; he returned to Fayetteville, NC. While on God’s Mountain, Calvin Gilmore received a helping hand from those that had a love for people and called to fulfill outreach ministry duties. Calvin Gilmore witnessed firsthand, the value of reaching out to help and uplift people that were lost, without hope and in need of Christ.
April 2005, returned to the worship service of New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC. God had certainly redeveloped Calvin’s life.
Formerly known as a good customer in the drug infested areas throughout Fayetteville, Calvin became known as an advocate for Jesus Christ. His experience made him realize the need to reach out to the very people with whom he once committed horrible and dangerous activities. God continued to lead Calvin out into familiar areas in Fayetteville communities where most Christians were not typically found, reaching out to people suffering drug addiction, prostitution, poverty and homelessness. He made a commitment using God’s guidance allowing him to reach out to others in effort to “save the unsaved” just as God used others to “save” him from a painful life. Calvin’s action were in accordance with Luke 15:7-“I say unto you that likewise joy shall be in heaven over on sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.”
In spite of several skeptics of his ideas, Calvin obtained the necessary resources and virtually single-handedly raised monies for the purpose of outreach ministry. His zealous character and vision lead to the birth of One Accord Street Ministry on May 26, 2007.
Gaining the support of the Pastor and the congregation of New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, he stepped out on faith and orchestrated the first annual One Accord Street Ministry outreach event. This event was held in a grassy lot of the Advance Auto Parts Store on the corner of Eastern Blvd and Russell St. This was an ideal location to provoke the desired target audience due to its proximity to the poverty stricken, addicts, prostitutes, homeless, ect. In excess of 300 people received a blessing that included food, clothing and the word of God by the church Pastor.
Calvin’s vision continued the spread of the word of God by other male and female members in New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church which lead to the 2nd annual Outreach event on Nov. 27, 2007 hosted by Bro. George Gilmore. Again, the event proved to be a huge success; exceeding the participation of the previous Outreach event.
Calvin increased his Christian responsibilities; as well as the responsibility of the Outreach Ministry. His appetite to serve God and others lead him to spread his message from the pulpit. He was licensed a Minister by Pastor Larry D. Anderson and preach his initial sermon on March 16 2008. In addition, his Outreach Ministry Growth caused him to create the “Touching Lives Outreach Ministry” operating on “One Accord”.


The Touching Lives Street Ministry has had approximately 15 events over a 7 year time
span. Most of events have been taken directly to the streets in known problem areas in
Fayetteville, NC. The Ministry has brought food, clothes, love and the word of God to
hundreds in need. The Touching Lives Street Ministry has also held an awards banquet to
give thanks to a portion of those that have given support to the ministry in different
ways. One of our long term goals is to obtain facilities that will serve the purposed of
providing a refuge for people suffering from addiction. The “Way Out” facilities will be
a starting point to recovery for those suffering from substance addiction and alcohol



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1313 Cade Hill Ave Fayetteville NC United States 28312

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